Mindfulness Yoga and Meditation            

 Mindful yoga is an invitation to mindfulness through the embodied practice of yoga asana. Poses offered will be simple, accessible to all levels, and held for longer periods as a means of fully and freely exploring present moment awareness of breath and sensations; revealing a body-mind that is integrated, aligned, relaxed and resilient! The focus of Mindful yoga is on the inner experience rather than the outer form. The practice reflects on our own intention of being in the world and in our ability to create and manifest deeper awakening in our lives as well as for the benefit of others.  Learn practices that help to develop a balanced mind state and discover greater personal clarity and healthy motivations for happier living. 
Quiet sitting and a basic yoga background can be useful although not necessary.

Workplace Balance/ OFFICE YOGA, Continuing Education Units or  Professional Development 

Mindful yoga in the workplace is an opportunity to practice clarity of mind; encouraging a productive, supportive and collaborative environment. By gaining insight in to what it is that we are creating we are recognizing the good in our actions through a practice that grounds us in our body and breath. Simple yet skillful tools are offered to help us recognize the nature of our mind's chatter so that we can better discern between what it is that holds us back and what keeps us growing.

Invite me to your Conference, Training or Professional Day. A shorter specific practice to break up your day of learning and sitting down- refresh your brain and body, modified for all abilities.Practices, workshops or talks do not require a yoga mat or specific setting.

Like to offer Continuing Education Credits? Ask me to about  8 week curriculum of mindful study for professionals working in hospitals, schools and mental health settings. CEU's are available in daylong or extended weekly meetings. Uniquely You is available in a workshop format or 8 week curriculum



Offering regular and ongoing workshops at various locations in the Greater Vancouver and Coachella Valley area. For more information please contact me directly  by email:


CONTACT: 760-834-1748

 If you have been "waiting" for your life's real purpose to come to light, this practice will support awakening and inquiry


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