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Licensed Marriage and Family 

Therapist, Registered Clinical 

Counsellor and Yoga Vancouver, BC 

and Palm Desert, CA

E-500hr RYT, MA, LMFT, RCC


There is so much that I love about yoga, mindfulness and meditation. When I finally make it to my mat, cross my legs and close my eyes, I start to allow even if

my intention is just for this time I make to be fully with my self and in my body. To begin; start to soften away from thinking, feeling the body as it is without any judgment, then finding the breath. The inhale creating length and space, the out breath relaxing, letting go and then trying to stay with that ever present breathing in and breathing out. Mindfulness to the breath and the felt sense of being present in the body; yoga helps me stay sensitive to my body and aware of thoughts, while reminding myself to not get too caught with the contents. Practicing holding a kind and compassionate attitude towards each moment, the heart can begin to open. The task is to keep the sensitivity, awareness, balance, kindness and compassion and to practice that through the day in relation to life's daily stress's.

Teaching is an opportunity; to be of service to others, to grow and to support deep connection in our being. In creating inner and outer balance we then see it reflected in our relationship to ourselves and to others. I'm interested in how the application of supportive counseling, yoga/mindfulness, practice helps create embodied living, happiness, an end to suffering, even in conditions such as pain, loss, anxiety, depression and Trauma.

Watching, hearing and listening to students over the years reveals the testament to the real benefit of yoga in its trans-formative aspect: the ability to grow to better, kinder and peaceful people. Yoga practice will make you feel better. No matter what you bring to the mat it is always transformed during practice. One is refreshed, often a kinder attitude toward oneself and in one's outlook persists. Regular practice helps to see how very able and capable we are!

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